Tailfeather Inn


Amenities include a lounge area, office, fax machine and Internet service, a freezer for your game and a sink in most rooms. 


For Larger Groups

We also have a dormitory/suite and 2 separate houses (just down the block) if you'd prefer the privacy of cooking your own meals, etc. If not, there's 5 restaurants in and around the charming little town of Mott.

About The Tailfeather

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About Us

​Two Flagstaff, Arizona men "Resurrected" the local convent. Originally built in 1960 and remodeled in 2003, it makes for a fine hunting lodge. With over 6,100 sq. ft. it can comfortably sleep over 50. 

Accommodations at the Tailfeather   

We Offer

The T.F.I also provides a referral service for bird cleaning (including smoked birds), professional hunting guides (with or without dogs) and land access through our EXCLUSIVE "Private Land-Access Bulletin Board" of Farmers and Guides!